Failure Anthem, Citizen Zero, Cypher 16, Smash Into Pieces

Wed, March 1, 2017

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 5:45 pm (event ends at 10:15 pm)

The Cabooze

Minneapolis, MN


This event is 15 and over

Amaranthe is a Swedish/Danish power/melodic death metal band that originates from Sweden and Denmark. Formed by Jake E. and Olof Morck, the project began taking shape when singers Elize Ryd and Andy Solvestrom signed on, as did drummer Morten Lowe. In April 2011 their debut album "Amaranthe" was released to worldwide acclaim, charting high in Sweden and Finland, and was the 84th most played album on Spotify in the whole world, all genres!
Failure Anthem
Failure Anthem get right to the point on their full-length debut album for Razor & Tie, the cleverly titled First World Problems. The Greensboro, NC quintet—JD [vocals], Ryan [bass, backup vocals], Kile [guitar], Zane [drums], and Wil [rhythm guitars]—architect eleven impactful, invigorating, and infectious anthems with hooks so robust that modern bells and whistles just aren't necessary. It's a tried-and-true approach that feels timeless as the boys make hard rock hypnotic again. Like a big screen blockbuster you can't turn away from, they don't waste any time reaching the climax either…

The group began to take shape in the summer of 2013. While working at a local Greensboro studio alongside his friend Drew Fulk and assistant engineer Zane, Kile penned his own music. He spent the day handling recording for everybody from Nightmares to Cane Hill and producing and co-writing with the likes of Motionless In White, while nights were devoted to a new project with Zane, Wil, and Ryan. After watching a Facebook video of JD covering Matt Anderson's "Coal Mining Blues," Kile reached out to the vocalist. In between his career as an esteemed chef working under the likes of Wolfgang Puck and Gino Angelini and serving as a Naval Culinary Specialist, JD continually wrote music and performed. However, he returned to South Carolina from a stint in California at just the right moment.

"I saw that video, and I called him," Kile recalls. "It just made sense because his voice instantly worked with everything we were doing. Everybody felt that it was something special."

"This is family," adds Wil. "Kile and I have been friends and played guitar together for over ten years. We've all played in numerous bands around town, and we've known each other. We all knew JD too, and it simply worked."

"I'd known Kile for over ten years at that point," says JD. "He recorded my previous band Written In Blood. I'd been on a journey—living like a gypsy and cooking food. I came back to South Carolina to take care of my mother who had just been diagnosed with cancer. It was a crazy coincidence that I was back and Kile was doing a rock band. The stars truly aligned."

Joining forces with influential rock manager Larry Mazer, Failure Anthem began to build a passionate regional fan base. They supported Halestorm and Scott Stapp at packed shows and eventually caught the attention of Razor & Tie. With Kile and Drew overseeing production, mixing, and mastering, the band wrote and recorded First World Problems in 2014.

Zane exclaims, "Our love for making great rock songs drew us together. We all come from very different backgrounds musically and stylistically, but as a band, we mesh really well, have found of our own, and have a great time doing it."

"Obviously, we're a rock band," declares Kile. "There are a bunch of influences going on in there. We'll have hints of metal and even an electronic side."

As a result, a sonic barrage fuels the title track. Augmented by pinch harmonic squeals, intense rhythms, and an overpowering refrain, "First World Problems" properly introduces Failure Anthem to the unsuspecting masses.

"The song is a satirical look at how people complain about the most unimportant things—like their latte being wrong or not having cell phone service," explains Kile. "It's a very real issue for this day and age."

"I ended up living in a homeless shelter when I was in L.A.," sighs JD. "It's a hard time living on the streets, and you see what real problems are as opposed to First World Problems. This track is a song for us. It's tough-as-nails and edgy. It punches people in the face and gives them truth."

On the other end of the spectrum, the powerful "Paralyzed" breaks from an anthemic chorus into a searing solo. "It's a love song about finding yourself within another person," JD goes on. "Everything just means more once you find that significant other. I think everybody can feel that."

Elsewhere, "Leap of Faith" urges honesty with oneself over a thick wall of distortion. The band also open up immensely on the soaring ballad "Here for Good," which Kile aptly describes as, "your straightforward love song about being committed to a person and assuring her that no matter how hard things get, you'll fight through it."

That fighting mentality is encased within the group's moniker. Ryan explains, "As a band name, mantra, and mindset, Failure Anthem just reminds me that we all have struggles and failures in life, but all we can do is turn them into opportunities to learn and grow from."

"Failure Anthem has an underdog meaning," says Kile. "It's the outlier concept. The person who is allegedly not built to succeed is actually the one who comes out on top. That message is in the music."

Wil agrees, "I want everyone to find something in our songs that represents a piece of their own story. Our record is a roller coaster of aggression, passion, devastation, loss, gain, triumph, and happiness."

For Failure Anthem, it's all about sharing that uplifting message via the songs in the end. "I'd like for people to gain inspiration, knowledge, and strength when they listen to Failure Anthem," JD concludes. "It's meant to push you through the day."

That's the point of all great rock music…
Citizen Zero
When done honestly, rock 'n' roll can stick with you for a lifetime. It rides shotgun for the whole way, soundtracking those big moments and memories. Once you hear a Citizen Zero song, you remember it.

The Detroit rock outfit—Josh LeMay [vocals], Sammy Boller [lead guitar], John Dudley [drums], and Sam Collins [bass]—deliver arena-size anthems fueled by intricate musicianship on their full-length debut album, State of Mind [Wind-up Records]. Striking a balance between edgy grunge attitude a la Stone Temple Pilots and bluesy alternative expanse reminiscent of Kings of Leon, their knack for a hook immediately resonated with a growing national fan base.

"We really focus on writing great songs," says Josh. "That's where the connection comes from. People can see that it's real. There was no plan B for us. If we did this, it was going to be all or nothing."

Since the release of their first independent EP Life Explodes in 2012, the band has played alongside heavyweights such as Kid Rock, ZZ Top, Halestorm, Royal Blood, Highly Suspect, and more. "Life Explodes" would win the Detroit Music Award for "Outstanding Rock/Pop Recording" in 2013. As their profile rose regionally, they signed to Wind-up Records in early 2016.

Along the way, they cut State of Mind, a record that heralds their arrival with a bang.
"I think the best music comes from the most honest place," continues Josh. "Being from Detroit, there's a no fly zone for bullshit. You have to be real, or the people will know. State of Mind is one-hundred percent who we are."

"That's something all of us grew up with," affirms Sam. "It's the mindset around here."
The first single "Go (Let Me Save You)" builds from an eerie melody into an overpowering refrain punctuated by an incendiary guitar lead and hypnotic vocal.

"It's actually the first song Sammy and I wrote together," Josh remembers. "It happened right after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I was watching the news, and I couldn't believe how the cameramen were consciously filming crying parents. It was so wrong. Having gone through tragedy, it made me really angry. I had to say something."

Elsewhere on the record, "When The Rain Comes" couples six-string fireworks with an unshakable chorus that's both uplifting and undeniable.

"I always wanted to live in Seattle because it rains all the time," laughs Josh. "The song is literally about how the rain is relaxing and soothing to me for some strange reason."
Then, there's "Love Let It." Tempering an unpredictable sonic backdrop with another powerhouse hook, it holds a special place in the musicians' hearts.

"It's the most personal to me," admits Josh. "When things were really bad, the song was a way to convince ourselves to let our love for what we do overcome everything else. I ended up tattooing 'Fight to Love' on myself because everything was a fight to maintain this dream. We thought it would be unacceptable to give up."

They never have given up—even in the face of the unimaginable. Just as they began rolling in 2012, Citizen Zero endured a tragedy that would shake their brotherhood to its very core.

"John's brother Matt was our original lead guitar player," says Josh. "One day he told me he couldn't make our session, and I didn't hear back after. A few hours later, John called and told me Matt had committed suicide. It took a bit to get back on our feet, and I couldn't even imagine a world where John went on without him."

"After he passed, I didn't stop playing," adds John. "I knew he wouldn't want me to quit. From the beginning, I had to keep going for myself and for Matt."

Regrouping, the boys turned to YouTube as they sought out someone to fill those big shoes. Searching "Best Detroit Guitar Players," they found a video of Sammy. At their first audition, everything clicked.

"As soon as I walked in and heard them warming up, that was it," recalls the guitarist. "John cracked the snare, and it was on. The chemistry was there right away. I knew we were on to something special."

It's going to be special for listeners everywhere as well. Their name ultimately hints at big and very attainable ambitions for the band.

"Every generation has a leader who changes things for better or worse," concludes Josh. "Citizen Zero represents the faceless citizen. It's the everyday person no better than any of us. However, that any one individual can change the world."

"We can be the Citizen Zero in rock 'n' roll," John leaves off. "We can be the guys who help bring back musicianship and unforgettable live shows."
Cypher 16
Cypher16 are a hugely talented, innovative organic rock band, who fuse electronic and metal influences with hints of industrial to create their own unique musical mix.
Having toured in the UK, Europe, India and America, Cypher16 have played with the likes of LACUNA COIL, CHILDREN OF BODOM, MUDVAYNE, DARK TRANQUILITY and IN THIS MOMENT..

Formed in 2007, the quartet forged and honed their sound down live around the UK's scuzzy rock club circuit extensively before recording their debut, self-released EP 'The Man Of The Black Abyss' late in 2008. "Mixing traditional rock elements with more modern synthesizer effects, these young Londoners are oozing talent and are sure to make a big name for themselves in the not too distant future" raved POWERPLAY magazine's Glenn Butler.

The band filmed their debut music video for the lead track off the EP (Symphony To End It All) in the surroundings of the incredible Gloucester Cathedral (location for scenes from the Harry Potter films). To see it on SCUZZ TV in the UK please send your request to

In 2009 and still just in their teens, the band received an invitation to play at LOCOFEST in Florida with metal heavy-weights MUDVAYNE, IN THIS MOMENT, HEAD P.E. and NONPOINT around which they built their first tour of America.

In the autumn of 2009, Cypher16 became one of the first British metal bands to tour in INDIA, playing shows in Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune. The tour was a huge success, and the band gained a great many fans eagerly awaiting their return.

In 2010, Cypher16 entered Fortress Studios in London with Dan Weller (SIKTH/ENTER SHIKARI/YOUNG GUNS) to begin recording follow-up tracks to 'The Man Of The Black Abyss'. Short UK tours throughout the year, several shows in Europe and a performance at Hereford's Wyeside Festival with legendary punk act THE STRANGLERS also followed.

Later that year, the band made an even bigger name for themselves by playing with veteran Gothenburg band DARK TRANQUILITY at a sold-out show London Underworld show. In October they made a much-anticipated return to India, this time with Italian Gothic band LACUNA COIL at the Great Indian Octoberfest.

'The Metaphorical Apocalypse' EP was released in May 2011 to more rave reviews from the press and fans alike, and the band shot the music video for 'Lonely Road' at the world famous Battersea Power Station. The video was premiered by SCUZZ TV (rising to No.2 in the channel's best videos chart), and shortly afterwards the band went back over to India for their first headline tour of the country. They immediately followed it up with a sold-out show at The Barfly in London.

2012 saw the band headline the DeepWoods Festival in Chennai, India, and make a record 5th visit to the country later in the year, this time playing shows with acts such as CHILDREN OF BODOM and headlining the legendary IIT Delhi Blitzkrieg Show at the college's outdoor ampitheatre.

The 'Determine' EP was released in April 2013 by Metal Hammer Magazine and has received further rave reviews, with the debut album expected early 2014. Cypher16 have recently played at this year's Bloodstock Festival, featuring SLAYER, LAMB OF GOD, ANTHRAX and many more, and off the back of their performance have been invited to play at HAMMERFEST 2014 (KREATOR/SOILWORK/OVERKILL), as well as several other festivals around the world which are still to be announced.
Smash Into Pieces
SMASH INTO PIECES is an explosive rock band with worldwide aspirations. The young, highly ambitious five piece formed in Örebro, Sweden has built an impressive impact and following in their relatively short 6 year existence.

SMASH INTO PIECES, as the bands name go, stands for the vision they all share – the path, focus and will to realizing their career goals.

The band reached the semifinals of the TV-show "Sweden´s Got Talent" in 2009 but dropped out of the competition to sign a record deal with Ninetone Records (Takida, Corroded, Lillasyster etc). Things however really didn't work out as planned and the collaboration with the label came to a end after just one released single "Fading" – a song still gaining a great deal of attention and airplay, especially from the leading rock radio station Bandit Rock 106.3 in Sweden.

After the band went separate ways with Nintetone Records in early 2010, the recording of the self titled, five-song EP took place during spring 2010 and was released not long after. SMASH INTO PIECES went through alot during 2010 – 2012 as an unsigned band when they finally after touring throughout all Scandinavia, signed a record deal with Gain / Sony Music (Europe, Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar etc) and released their long awaited debut album "Unbreakable" in April, 2013. First single "Colder" from debut album "Unbreakable" was a great success – with two weeks as #1 on the Itunes charts and a sold out first-ever Swedish tour called "The Colder Tour" in fall 2012, the future seems bright for SMASH INTO PIECES.

SMASH INTO PIECES truly makes modern rock, combining the phenomenal vocal and lyrical depth of Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye with the aggressive yet melodic guitar attacks from Benjamin Jennebo and Per Bergquist, and the hard hitting combination of bassist Viktor Vidlund and drummer Isak Snow.

The band is famous for their superb & hugely energetic live shows and in a short amount of time the band have had the pleasure of sharing stage with Dead By April, Alter Bridge, Halestorm, Twisted Sister, Raised Fists, Mustasch, Amaranthe, Treat and many – many more.

SMASH INTO PIECES and their sound much definitive says arena.
Together, their talent and chemistry will not be ignored or denied.

"It´s time to forget who you are and remember who you want to be!
It´s time to Smash Into Pieces"
Venue Information:
The Cabooze
917 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55404